Do: The Neck Scarf

source: Numéro #136

 Céline s/s 2013                                                                                   Céline a/w 12/13

Finally spring has arrived, and I hope it's here to stay! Time to put away that thick wooly scarf to reveal one of my favourite accessories - the square silk neckscarf! I used to paint on silk myself and I just love the smaller square stlyes for that. It's a colourful, quick and easy style update to top up those trendy monochrome outfits with some colour à la Céline. The classic geometric ones are my favourites. And yours?

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Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Hello Lucy! It's funny to read this post because my current fashion obsession are precisely scarves! Yes, at the moment they have 'replaced' costume jewelry...Personally, I am a big fan of certain Hermes carres - to be precise the ones with abstract prints or drawings - and I finally managed to find two of my favourites: Les Parisiens (thanks eBay) and Cheval Surprise (thank Comme des Garcons collaboration)! Hope you are enjoying a nice w-e, Caterina