Attention seekers? Show offs? Circus?

"My idea of elegance - and this refers to women as well as men - is that someone is elegant when he or she shows a good knowledge of what fits them,"..."Where you can find naturalness and self-esteem.""Not showing off, "When you’re not thinking, "This is fashion," and you’re not buying clothes to create statements, you’re on the right path."

Stefano Pilati, Ives Saint Laurent's former creative director once said this in an interview with Vice Magazine. And yes, I couldn't agree more!
In a recent article with TMagazine, Suzy Menkes points out the ridiculousness of that "mob" of self aware people who deliberately get dressed to get noticed. Of course you will be noticed in a long neon green coat at fashion week on a dull February day, then the picture will appear on dozens of blogs and the rave comments underneath will be flooding in, and some kids will think this is the way to dress and try and emulate this sometimes unfortunate style on their personal style blogs. With the result that they look equally unfavourable or even worse. Thank God, in the real world this is not the case, but I think I can spot a blogger by the mile due to this specific style. So, where has the good taste gone to then? Well, I know it's definitely still there (in some blogs thankfully as well) but it just doesn't get photographed that much during fashion week, or may go unnoticed between the neon buoys shouting "look at me", and some of the well dressed crowd just might not want their picture taken.



shooting star said...

so true...its becoming an epidemic..the best styles are of those people who look totally comfy in their skin!!


Fashion art and other fancies said...

Style is individual, personal. Some people adore vibrant colours and a more creative "In your face" style while others prefers all black, browns, cream tones.

I have my own personal way of dressing myself. It's my way of celebrating my culture, heritage and the modern world in which I live. xx

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

I have really liked the honest article about Suzy Menkes because sometimes what is going on outside fashion week shows look more like a circus than a celebration of unique and individual styles. Having said that, I also think that everybody tries to create a 'character' (there was an interesting comment on that article mentioning Ms. Menkes' hairstyle...), but as long as it is genuine, I'm fine with it!