Here's to 2013!

Bye-Bye Knut! Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you had a lovely festive season. So now it's 2013, I reckon you've done "Knut", what new year resolutions have you made, if at all, what are you expecting in 2013? I keep mine to myself, hell, if I'd speak them out loudly, I'd probably make a total fool of myself! Maybe fashion wise, don't buy all the crap you see on blogs, including mine, in fact read less blogs and don't instagram, twitter and facebook each and every aspect of your life! I even proclaim the death of streetstyle (the staged one that is), but at the same time I'm always interested in what's coming next! What could that be? Go out and get that job you always wanted, get in touch with your non virtual friends and maybe take up pottery or learn an instrument and get a bit more interested in politics. Dig out that jogging gear hidden in the back of your cupboard (that actually is a joke). Enough preaching...oh, the sale is on...gotta run! Yours truly. XXX


Lens & anything Else said...

Happy new year too!

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Hi Lucy and happy New Year! I love this post of 'non-resolutions'! I tried to think about mine and, fashion wise, I'll try to wear more colours and prints, and I think I'll go for a radical hairstyle change...will see...All the best! Caterina