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To keep up to date with what's trending for the lads, I had a look at some of the men's collections. I couldn't help but notice that some of them seemed a bit, well, less manly than some of the women's collections I had seen for Pre-Fall. Don't even mention streetstyle, floppy hats on men, anyone? Lots of interesting looking stuff, but quite frankly, "interesting" on a man most certainly won't do it for me. Fast forward into the real world - a sharp suit, with a great cut, maybe playing around with trouser length, width and patterns in subdued colours always look right. I thought Prada was a fine collection to cater for these needs. If you like to go a bit more quirky, Vivienne Westwood Man might be your choice. For those "off" days, I like the good old "I'm in the band" look - leather jacket, parka, striped tees, lumberjack and western style shirts, slim pants, antique looking ankle boots, DrMartens, Redwings, Chelsea boots, Keds, Chucks or plain Vans, some cool shades and a good hairdo is all it takes to make the dude look cool, right?

Floppy hats, anyone?  jakandjil.com



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