Do: The Neck Scarf

source: Numéro #136

 Céline s/s 2013                                                                                   Céline a/w 12/13

Finally spring has arrived, and I hope it's here to stay! Time to put away that thick wooly scarf to reveal one of my favourite accessories - the square silk neckscarf! I used to paint on silk myself and I just love the smaller square stlyes for that. It's a colourful, quick and easy style update to top up those trendy monochrome outfits with some colour à la Céline. The classic geometric ones are my favourites. And yours?


Dress for Less: Get the Chloé Look

Chloé                                         Mango

I really like the entire ss13 collection by Chloé. Spotted a similar look at Mango with a cotton wide short sleeve sweater and geometric scarf print loose pants!


New Shades 2013

Karen Walker

What kind of sunglasses are you going for this year? Vogue says, pilot goggles  are going to be trendy, but I'm not sure about that one, bit freaky perhaps? Or are you going to carry on wearing last years cat eye shape? I always like the classic Ray Ban Wayfarer, but no need to buy any of these, cause Mr. has them in all colours and he goes hunting for them on ebay, that is the vintage black ones because they don't have Ray Ban written on the front!!! Erm, should I be worried? Anyway, this year I'd like to have some by Karen Walker preferably in tortoise shell, this woman does some mean styles!


Dicker Boot vs. Acne Alma Boot

Acne Alma Boot

This is for all you crazy dicker boots fans out there! By now they must have been worn through anyway, no? No? Ok, but if you're fed up with them here's an alternative by Acne, one of our favourite Scandi labels. And a budget version by ASOS. I think they are quite Rock n Roll.



Laurence Doligé Paris S/S 2013

"Laurence Doligé proposes collections where she mixes men’s wear, glamour, and Parisian femininity without hesitation. Her collections offer a complete look from head to toe: tops, pants, jackets, shoes, handbags, scarves and brooches... Not only does she propose a clothing line, but a complete style, a look that is both elegant, casual, sexy and rock ’n roll!" 

It's easy to wear, chic with a twist and I'd like all the sandals and the leopard dress for vacation please!!!


Attention seekers? Show offs? Circus?

"My idea of elegance - and this refers to women as well as men - is that someone is elegant when he or she shows a good knowledge of what fits them,"..."Where you can find naturalness and self-esteem.""Not showing off, "When you’re not thinking, "This is fashion," and you’re not buying clothes to create statements, you’re on the right path."

Stefano Pilati, Ives Saint Laurent's former creative director once said this in an interview with Vice Magazine. And yes, I couldn't agree more!
In a recent article with TMagazine, Suzy Menkes points out the ridiculousness of that "mob" of self aware people who deliberately get dressed to get noticed. Of course you will be noticed in a long neon green coat at fashion week on a dull February day, then the picture will appear on dozens of blogs and the rave comments underneath will be flooding in, and some kids will think this is the way to dress and try and emulate this sometimes unfortunate style on their personal style blogs. With the result that they look equally unfavourable or even worse. Thank God, in the real world this is not the case, but I think I can spot a blogger by the mile due to this specific style. So, where has the good taste gone to then? Well, I know it's definitely still there (in some blogs thankfully as well) but it just doesn't get photographed that much during fashion week, or may go unnoticed between the neon buoys shouting "look at me", and some of the well dressed crowd just might not want their picture taken.



Weekend Inspiration #1

source: ELLEUK

Wear a fuzzy faux fur, unicorn jeans? and some classic Dr. Martens!!! Have a great weekend and don't behave!


Wedge Sneakers: Still Hot Or Not?

Wedge Sneakers by Sandro and Isabel Marant (Middle)

Are you still mad about these? Or are you going to ditch the heel in disguise in 2013?


Inspiration: The Glam Gaucho

Tommy Ton for style.com
Celine Pre-Fall 2013, Louis Vuitton Resort 2013, Celine Resort 2013, LaLa Berlin AW 13/14
Hedi Slimane's Saint Laurent Girls in Vogue UK February 2013


A Word On Menswear

Mr. Start
Vivienne Westwood Man

Hackett London
Lou Dalton


InStyle Men

To keep up to date with what's trending for the lads, I had a look at some of the men's collections. I couldn't help but notice that some of them seemed a bit, well, less manly than some of the women's collections I had seen for Pre-Fall. Don't even mention streetstyle, floppy hats on men, anyone? Lots of interesting looking stuff, but quite frankly, "interesting" on a man most certainly won't do it for me. Fast forward into the real world - a sharp suit, with a great cut, maybe playing around with trouser length, width and patterns in subdued colours always look right. I thought Prada was a fine collection to cater for these needs. If you like to go a bit more quirky, Vivienne Westwood Man might be your choice. For those "off" days, I like the good old "I'm in the band" look - leather jacket, parka, striped tees, lumberjack and western style shirts, slim pants, antique looking ankle boots, DrMartens, Redwings, Chelsea boots, Keds, Chucks or plain Vans, some cool shades and a good hairdo is all it takes to make the dude look cool, right?

Floppy hats, anyone?  jakandjil.com




Fashion and Art: Mother of Pearl SS13

Some SS13 inspiration from Mother of Pearl. I like Maia Norman's sportswear inspired aesthetic with quirky details and luxurious fabrics. Each season Maia Norman collaborates with a different artist and thus combines fashion and art. "This season, Mother of Pearl has collaborated with New York based artist Francesco Simeti, featuring his artwork throughout prints and detailing, throughout the collection." Love it!


Here's to 2013!

Bye-Bye Knut! Hello 2013!

Happy New Year to you all! Hope you had a lovely festive season. So now it's 2013, I reckon you've done "Knut", what new year resolutions have you made, if at all, what are you expecting in 2013? I keep mine to myself, hell, if I'd speak them out loudly, I'd probably make a total fool of myself! Maybe fashion wise, don't buy all the crap you see on blogs, including mine, in fact read less blogs and don't instagram, twitter and facebook each and every aspect of your life! I even proclaim the death of streetstyle (the staged one that is), but at the same time I'm always interested in what's coming next! What could that be? Go out and get that job you always wanted, get in touch with your non virtual friends and maybe take up pottery or learn an instrument and get a bit more interested in politics. Dig out that jogging gear hidden in the back of your cupboard (that actually is a joke). Enough preaching...oh, the sale is on...gotta run! Yours truly. XXX