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Pick of the Day: COS iPad Case


I like feminine accessoires for my tech tools, luckily gone are the days when I was trying to find a feminine case for my MacBook, standing in front of an ugly bunch of Crumpler cases in an Apple store and asking an astounded shop assistant if they had any other colours than "vomit" brown paired with "gall" green. Yesterday I had a quick stroll through COS and I found this cute iPad sleeve made of peach coloured leather with matching iphone case and a leather purse. Big like!



Placed In A Queue? The Stress-free Alternative.

Experiencing the above right now? Eek! Waiting in line in the cold to get your hands on one of those candy coloured clutches or other from the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M collection? Double-eek! Can't be bothered to stand in any queue, or don't want to shop under pressure? 15 minutes...go go go go...! Triple-eek! Did all the aforementioned and didn't get what you fancied? Faint! 
Don't fret! There are other options to get your hands on something Margiela, and some "real" Margiela for that. Own experience taught me, that going back to the shop a few days after the event, will have quite some stock left. The stuff keeps coming in, usually in the form of returned items, when that oversized jumper even in size 34 seemed to big and the one size fits all coat looked better in the lookbook....
Another super stress-free option is yoox.com, there's quite some Margiela from previous seasons to be found. A lot of wearable items and nice accessoires at different prices. Happy hunting!


source: H&M, Yoox


MMM for H&M

6 Days to go....are you eagerly awaiting the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M collection of reissued and tagged iconic pieces from the last 23 years, or are you going to pass this one? I'd love to know! At Fashionologie you can have a look at the whole collection, and ELLE Uk modelled a few looks here. My faves are the car seat cover dress Helena Christensen is wearing (but then of course everything looks good on her), the black leather jacket, and the black blazer with the wide deconstructed pants! The jeans are a little bit too East 17 for my taste! One thing I am missing in this collection though, are the fabulous sleek ankle boots that one can usually find at MMM, not so keen on the invisible heels. What are your faves?

 source: H&M