Fashionable Reads #2

Alber Elbaz

Is Zara's sizing to small for the US? The Daily Mail reports

It's a flat world in the Financial Times

Carine Roitfeld's view on Men's style: VMAN

The NY Times is wondering if trends are passé

The hilarious Artful Poser is having a ball in Welcome to Saint-Tropez

Got to love Alber Elbaz of oldest running fashion house Lanvin for being so outspoken in The Wallstreet Journal 


Mother of Pearl

I've been following Maia Norman's label Mother of Pearl for a while now, and I love her concept of taking the oppositional forces of fashion and technical sportswear and combining them into a super luxury collection. It's quirky and fun but not überdramatic, and the fact that each season she works together with a different artist makes it even more special and exciting. Beeing Damien Hirst's wife, obviously she lives and breathes art, so this doesn't come as a surprise, but the way the collections turn out under these collaborations, with their unusal prints, intricate cuts and luxurious fabrics, is all the more beautiful. It's that I don't care, I'll do what I like attitude that I love, and that's how the collections turn out in the end. For her Fall 2012 collection she collaborated with New York based artist Fred Tomaselli on a series of prints and for Resort 2013, Gary Hume's floral canvases and pola bears were translated onto fabrics. Norman says, that in future she'll be focusing on less established artists. Well, I am quite certain looking forward to this!


Zara Studdarama

Been to Zara lately or checked out their website? Of course you have! Noticed the studs and spikes thing going on for a while there now? It's studs and spikes on almost everything! It's turned into the No 1 go to shop for anything studded. And for the advanced, that is if you are getting bored of your studs, there is also quite a selection of spikes! Not quite the pointed Punk Rock spikes that we know, but then we don't want those anyway. There are sweatshirts with spikes, trenchcoats with studs, clutches with studs - you name it they've got it! Anyway, got myself these studded sandals in the sale that are very comfy and fit perfectly into a Rock'n'Roll household.


How adorable is this?!

For all mini fashionistas: The Kids, Toddler and Baby Fall Collection by Benetton!
I just simply love how they shot the Lookbooks! Come August, Benetton gradually gets their Fall Winter collection in the shops and the really fabulous down jackets are snapped up in a second, I can tell you. I buy my daughter a new one every year, and all I can say is, you get great quality and value for money!


Kaleidoscope Kate

After the hilarious Rainbow Queen, get ready for Kaleidoscope Kate and her favourite royal colours!

source: Dailymail

The Camo Sweater

Andy Heart
Reverse Camo Sweat

Trends come and go in cycles and Camo is definitely having a big moment right now again. It's literally everywhere. One of my favourites and a great alternative to the many camo jackets, is this Topshop sweater, for an urban off duty look paired with boyfriend jeans. In real, the colours are much better than on the product photo and it's cosy as well!