Inspiration Monday #2


Anybody know who this gang is?

Yep, camouflage is making a big return...

and Hello Kitty?

Some folks are born with style like Claire from fashion and frank in her own design

Trouser length makes all the difference. Lovely Caterina from Not Just A Pretty Dress
Denim old and new at Elleuk


Short Story: Isabel Marant Eloa


Isabel Marant Eloa

perfect with tanned pins...
...and almost sold out everywhere....

 ...or you could grab a bottle of Domestos and DIY! 


Resort Cravings 2013



Sonia Rykiel
Sonia Rykiel
Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney

Stella McCartney
Stella McCartney
Proenza Schouler
Proenza Schouler

Ladies and Gentlemen, once again it's Resort time! Here are my top cravings! If I win the lottery I think I might buy the entire collection by Chloé. What are your faves?


Goals, Tattoos and Observations...

David Beckham gracing the July cover of ELLE UK

Any of you following UEFA Euro 2012 in Poland and Ukraine? I mean from a girls perspective? I am, and there are 2 teams that I am keeping my fingers crossed for - Germany and England. Germany won their first match and they have to prove themselves tonight again, and the English with their usual kick and rush are better than I thought. All good, until I saw Rooney who looked slightly different than usual, couldn't quite figure out what it was, but he was wearing considerably more hair on his head...so I googled and found out that he has had a hair transplant!!!! Berlusconi style!!!! Couldn't stop laughing. Says it all really...
Talking about trends besides hair transplants, have you noticed the amount of tattooed arms the players are sporting? I think a tattoo should have a deeper meaning, but it looks like some had their arms quickly plastered up to their neck with crap, to look a bit like their idol David Beckham including the recent David Beckham haircut (I think Rooney is going for this one as well). He's not playing himself anymore but is still setting trends! Of course there is only one David Beckham, who btw is gracing the July cover of ELLE UK magazine as the first guy ever. And what about the Adidas jerseys with the diagonal flag across the chest that some teams are wearing, makes them look like guys from a duelling student fraternity...
Anyhow, whishing everyone in Europe a super fun Euro 2012!




Maybe it's a reaction to last seasons über-colour-blocking or maybe I'm already fed up with printed floral pants and dresses, maybe it's just a phase, but I am liking monochrome right now. No prints, no stripes, just clean black OR white...


Inspiration Monday

Girl in London via The Sartorialist

Zara leather vest via styleheroine

Leather detail pants from H&M Trend via Amy Heart

                simple and casual style via Dvora from Fashionistable
Balenciaga coat via elleuk
Issey Miyake top via Elle UK
Paola from the PvdH Journal in one of her own fantastic designs!


Crowns Union Jacks Kitsch and Celebrations

Kept the Tatler November 2009 edition

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and being half English I sort of grew up with the Royal Family, whether you liked them or not, and knowledge about them was picked up naturally. I realised this the other day, when my husband and I were watching a documentary about the upcoming Jubilee weekend, that I was able to rattle down their complete family connection. Then there's her unmistakable style that makes her so unique and stand out as a monarch in the world! I also have fond memories of my Granny hanging a giant vintage Union Jack flag on the house at these occasions and us all toasting to her at dinner, and the look on her face and the "Ooh I say!" remark at my Smiths Tshirt that read "The Queen is Dead". The stories of my Grandmother attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace and my Grandfather receiving an OBE (Order of British Empire) are all to present, and yes, I do own the one or other passed down piece of kitsch in form of commemorative mugs ( I wish I had this old flag though). Here's to some great memories a toast to the Queen and wishing you all a fun Diamond Jubilee weekend! As the Sex Pistols used to sing...God Save The Queeen...

My Silver Jubilee Mug
Tatler June 2012...What her Corgis really think!!!!!