Video: H&M Lookbook Women Autumn 2012

My instant favourites are the burgundy leather baseball jacket and the Isabel Marant style herringbone coat! What are yours?


Marble Perfectionista

 The Sartorialist

Zara People

It looks like after the John Lennon round specs and the ever so popular cat eye sunnies, it's time for the black and white marbelled Illesteva Leonard Horn, and out of all of them, i like this one best! What's your favourite shape this season?


Smoking Pants 2012

Tommy Ton
3.1 Phillip Lim
Antonio Berardi
Antonio Berardi
source: style.com

Another noteworthy pant that is definitely worth mentioning this season is the contrast trim, side panel or smoking pant. Marching Bands, the Queens Guards and Gwen Stefani anno 1996 in her fabulous blue and white contrast trim track inspired pants in "I'm just a girl" spring to my mind when I think of this style. The cut is wide, flowing and comfortable. They spread a cool and relaxed vibe, a bit of Rock'n Roll and worn in this slinky and loose way are extremely versatile as you can see from the pics. Which ones are your favourites?

Mossy for Mango

No Doubt - I'm just a girl


How To Wear The Peplum

source: fashionologie

First of all, men don't like them, so when out shopping for a peplum don't ask the male species for advice, this is a trend they clearly do not understand! Lady Gaga will wear hers really loud and sticking out, but we are not Gaga and as a modern woman we don't want to wear them retro looking as in the 40s or 80s à la Crystal Carrington either. Go for a tailored shape, muted tones like black, navy, grey, and for a modern look I like it best worn with baggy trousers, boyfriend jeans or even bermudas! Take a look at the top pic, this is modern unexpected peplum perfection! You can find a great selection at COS, ASOS and H&M Trend right now. 


I Like You: Little Golf Bag by Mr. Wang

Aside from those odd trekking sandals I talked about earlier, Mr. Wang does make exceptionally wonderful stuff, like this cute golf bag (minus the set of clubs). It's the perfect addition to the sporty look this summer and one of my favourite bags this season. I particulary like its shape with the big zipper running down the front and shoulder strap, the unusual slit leather, and the fact that you can sling it on your back like a rucksack. 
If you want the look for less you can get a similar sporty style with Airtex at Asos right now:


Hot or Not? Anna Dello Russo for H&M

To say it in Anna's words: "The focus of the collection are jewelleries. They make a sound, this sound is sound of bling bling! It's a great sound because it's therapeutic!" 
Got to like this crazy Italian clothes horse! And look at her home, even the Versace Palace pales in comparison to this! I think Mr. Selby should go and pay her a visit! I'd love to see more!
Ok, back to the jewellery, I can honestly say it doesn't hit my taste buds, but what about you? Is this accessories collection going to be a success or is it just Anna going crazy over it?

Available from October 4th


Casual Cool: Maison Scotch

This Amsterdam based label does casual Parisien chic very well. In a soft dusty colour palette you will find great basics like Chinos, soft feminine tees that always come with a tank underneath for that perfect layering and classic breton tops. I really like their anti fit pants this season. It's a bit Isabel Marant but less pricey with an overall good quality. You can see the rest of the Lookbook here.


Are you serious Mr. Wang?

At Shopbop €309.24

Have you seen these? The Karlie Flat Sandals. No really, Mr. Wang, are you serious? Designer trekking sandals for the urban city dwellers with a little patent, platform and mesh. I can really see them working with his s/s 2012 collection though, that was the mesh-iest this season. And meanwhile I have seen similar sandals at Louis Vuitton and Givenchy. So what about you, are you ready for these?