Industrial Chic: Foekje Fleur Bottle Vases

We know Foekje from our very fun Rotterdam Stardumb days, and when I saw these vases she had created a while ago I thought what a brilliant idea - turning trash into something really beautiful. Foekje modeled these matte bisque porcelain bottles from waste she found along the banks of the river Maas in the Netherlands. You could even admire and buy them in Paul Smith's store in London recently! Pop a little flower in a single one or stand them without flowers in a colourful collective for some industrial chic - I think they are some of the most beautiful and original vases around!

Check out Foekjes website where you can buy the bottle vases and other fantastic objects she creates here

Happy Queens Day to everyone in the Netherlands!


Pick of the Day: Zara Stripe Peplum Top


Love stripes? Check. Love a casual peplum? Check. Cool with jeans? Check. Found this super cute top at Zara.



We Are 5 Years Old!

No, not this blog, but these 5 white shirts from COS! COS has re-issued them for their 5 year anniversary. And now guess what! Somewhere hidden in the depths of my cupboard I fished out No 3, yep, the one with the bib front (I had a serious bib front phase at the time!). It actually still has the tags on it. Don't know why I have never worn it, but it's great quality. The new version has gone up by a 10er! I think I like mine better though with the quirky gathered button fastening at the bottom...

Any relicts with tags on in your cupboard?


The Lacoste Revolution

Maybe it's time to grow up, or maybe not just yet! Lately I can't seem to get this Lacoste Live Varsity Jacket out of my head. It keeps popping up everywhere I turn my head. Normally I am absolutely no fan of big obvious Logos strewn over clothes, hell, I am not even a big label freak, I go for the look and feel of things and am very much influenced by music. Now the Logo of these Lacoste Live Jackets is like totally in-your-face but somehow I am liking it (unlike the super sized Ralph Lauren polo player..Yuck Yuck). I really don't mind a Lacoste crocodile, I have got some ancient polos way back in my cupboard (don't know whether the croco is looking in the right direction though, after all they were from Morocco), it breathes Roland Garros to me (Henri Leconte used to wear these), and I think I'd make this blown up crocodile some shades! Lacoste Live is taking the classic pieces and giving them a twist. Or let's put it like this: Lacoste is getting young, fresh and street savvy! You will find classic polo shirts, but with a leopard collar! Not a bad job Lacoste, you are making me go check it out in the flagship store, so you are obviously doing something right by attracting folks who are not into playing golf anytime soon...


Hilarious: Rainbow Queen

source: Vogue UK May 2012

No one can get away with wearing head to toe lemon and lime quite like the Queen, right? Fantastic! 


That Prada Leather Skirt!

source: style.com

Prada s/s'12 ad campaign


 Glamour Magazine Germany February 2012

Vogue UK March 2012

Prada revved it up at their s/s 2012 runway show with some ultra cool hot rod classic car prints, most notably the Prada cadillac print leather skirt, and what went down the runway with a loud roar, is proving to be one of the most popular and heavily featured items in editorials and on magazine covers across the globe. Once again, well done Miuccia!


5 Favourite Spring Wardrobe Updates

I've been looking for the perfect pair of hi tops for ages, until I found these white leather ones at Boss Orange last week! Couldn't be happier! Made of lovely leather they are so comfy I feel like Moonwalking in them!

Got this fabulous soft leather Biker jacket at Zara and it fits like a glove. Damn it Zara, you've also made it in cream!
Found these luxurious slouchy pleated pants at Boss Orange (seems like my new favourite brand). And my favourite style of pants that I always come back to! These were a sample and only available once in this colour and size! Bingo they fitted!

Marni for H&M shades. The only thing that I kept from my order. Sent back the black patent varsity jacket as the sizing was huge and kept the retro looking shades.

I fancied a basic black bag and got this medium sized shopper at Zara

I would also like to say a big thank you to everyone who's been reading, following and commenting on this blog the past year. I really enjoy and appreciate talking to likewise fashion minds from all across the world. Thanks a lot blogfriends!