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Are you doing floral pants this season? You can do matchy or clash them with other florals or team them with neutrals for a subtle look. Either way, they are quite a statement, but once you've mastered the art of them they are actually quite easy to wear. My go to shop for fabulous fitting floral jumpsuits is actually Mango. I bought two of them there last summer, they have a slightly lower hanging crotch and make a nice flattering loose slimeline silhouette. Add a cute belt and some wedges or heels and a blazer and you can easily dress it up. There is a similar navy one with little red ditsy flowers in their shops right now. Looking for pants alone, Zara and H&M offer a good variety and my favourites are the ones from Selected Femme.


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Can't take my eyes off...

source: Vogue UK April 2012

...these Adidas Originals by Jeremy Scott with wings. Asterix would be proud of these sneaks! There's a kids version as well! Awesome!


Rock that Skirt

Acne Spring 2011
Karl at net-a-porter

Karl Black Vynil Skirt

Karl Metallic Vynil Skirt

When I was wearing a skirt recently a friend remarked that I should wear them more often. I have to add that I seldom wear skirts especially in Winter. Problem or truth is, I rarely find one that I really like and that ticks all my boxes, so most of the time I resort to pants. And I don't like doing girly from head to toe. So if it's a skirt at the bottom there will definitely be a biker to toughen up the top. I don't do minis anymore (past 30 you should reserve this for the beach) more above or even better just below the knee, and it has to be a bit raw or deconstructed, a bit Rock n´Roll, even better with zips or a side panel in a different material or colour, a buckle, a subtle slit or wrap somewhere. Not all elements in one, but just a little something of these. You get the picture. I know what I want, so I found inspiration in the above ones and if I find the time I actually might make a sort of hybrid myself. I like the asymmetric cut of the Karl skirt with the relaxed waistband, a slit and big pockets, and I like the zips on that Acne Skirt. Off to the fabric shop!


I Raise My Glass To Phoebe Philo

Celine Fall 2012
Celine Fall 2012

Celine Fall 2012

Celine Fall 2012

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This one - I want to wear it all! I am not going to write an in-depth review about Celine's a/w 2012 collection, you can read a great one over at style.com, lets just say I think this must have been one of my favourites. Phoebe Philo is pregnant with her third child, and thus for the sake of herself and her unborn child she and the company agreed on doing a low key presentation for a handful of guests only. How great is this. A modern company (pseudo modern male run companies take note!) that are well aware of their greatest human resource and take care of it! I am all for companies who value their employees because more than often it unfortunately still is the case, that if you are in a great position and you are expecting a child, or let me put it like this, if you're a woman with a career and a womb you will sometimes automatically have to require a lawyer to go with it. That said, I liked the edginess of this collection, punky zest as style.com calls it, I liked the zippers, I liked the colour and material combinations, the cocoony silhouettes, and I wish Phoebe Philo all the best for the birth of her third child and hopefully no gastly empire lines next season! She threatened to make these if her weight didn't come off quick enough after the birth! Brilliant!


We Are The Band

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The Emmanuelle Alt All Star Girl Band. Ton sur ton. I like siiss.