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Kept the Tatler November 2009 edition

This weekend marks the 60th anniversary of the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, and being half English I sort of grew up with the Royal Family, whether you liked them or not, and knowledge about them was picked up naturally. I realised this the other day, when my husband and I were watching a documentary about the upcoming Jubilee weekend, that I was able to rattle down their complete family connection. Then there's her unmistakable style that makes her so unique and stand out as a monarch in the world! I also have fond memories of my Granny hanging a giant vintage Union Jack flag on the house at these occasions and us all toasting to her at dinner, and the look on her face and the "Ooh I say!" remark at my Smiths Tshirt that read "The Queen is Dead". The stories of my Grandmother attending a garden party at Buckingham Palace and my Grandfather receiving an OBE (Order of British Empire) are all to present, and yes, I do own the one or other passed down piece of kitsch in form of commemorative mugs ( I wish I had this old flag though). Here's to some great memories a toast to the Queen and wishing you all a fun Diamond Jubilee weekend! As the Sex Pistols used to sing...God Save The Queeen...

My Silver Jubilee Mug
Tatler June 2012...What her Corgis really think!!!!!

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Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Hope you had a great Jubilee w-e! The memories of yur parents are really sweet...I didn't know you were half British! Not sure why, but the British Royal family is my favourite!