Video: H&M Lookbook Women Autumn 2012

My instant favourites are the burgundy leather baseball jacket and the Isabel Marant style herringbone coat! What are yours?


Victoria said...

Wow the collection looks high quality maybe in real itsn't but I love all the styling the third look with the burgundy jacket is gorgeous not sure about the blink blink in some items but loving all the simple clean pieces :)

The PvdH Journal said...

ooooh I think I am with you on the herringbone coat!

theionfashion said...

The herringbone coat is really nice. I also love the shorts in the third look. I can't get over how nice the caps are though. I really didn't expect that.


chloe said...

wow, hadn't seen this! i actually like all the bling because its styled with clothes of such simple shapes and colours, really nice!
damnnn, i wish we had h&m over here!..