Rock that Skirt

Acne Spring 2011
Karl at net-a-porter

Karl Black Vynil Skirt

Karl Metallic Vynil Skirt

When I was wearing a skirt recently a friend remarked that I should wear them more often. I have to add that I seldom wear skirts especially in Winter. Problem or truth is, I rarely find one that I really like and that ticks all my boxes, so most of the time I resort to pants. And I don't like doing girly from head to toe. So if it's a skirt at the bottom there will definitely be a biker to toughen up the top. I don't do minis anymore (past 30 you should reserve this for the beach) more above or even better just below the knee, and it has to be a bit raw or deconstructed, a bit Rock n´Roll, even better with zips or a side panel in a different material or colour, a buckle, a subtle slit or wrap somewhere. Not all elements in one, but just a little something of these. You get the picture. I know what I want, so I found inspiration in the above ones and if I find the time I actually might make a sort of hybrid myself. I like the asymmetric cut of the Karl skirt with the relaxed waistband, a slit and big pockets, and I like the zips on that Acne Skirt. Off to the fabric shop!

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shooting star said...

skirts are a problematic garment for me too...and i only have 2 skirts in my wardrobe!!