Hot or Not? Acne Distressed Denim

Acne Fever Trash distressed denim jacket €470
Acne Fine Trash distressed denim pencil skirt €320

streetstyle images by Tommy Ton for style.com

Are you going to pay the hefty price tag, or do a DIY?


Fashionistable said...

It looked good on the girls but I would never wear it. Did photograph it though. Xxxx

The PvdH Journal said...

DIY! This summer I actually distressed a pair of Seven jeans from boarding school era. But I am not the biggest denim fan right now (goes in phases)

Regarding the eyeliner, I got the Tom Ford one and it's amazing, but for day I use the grey eye gel from Bobby Brown as its less harsh.

modediktat said...

Definitely a project for DIY :)

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

I'm a fan of jeans but not 'artificially' or over distressed. I think the beauty of distressed should come from wearing them...In any case, I vote for DIY because nobody would ever persuade me to pay for clothes with holes, even if they are done in a very stylish way...I wish you a great w-e!

Lidiya said...

I adore distressed denim and I think ACNE is the perfect brand excluding the price tag <3

Victoria said...

DIY all the way! X

classiq said...

I have a pair of favourite jeans, distressed, but not overly distressed, and I would only stick to jeans for this style, not skirts or jackets.