Some Crazy Stuff from NYFW

Marc Jacobs left me surprised and confused with
his least commercial collection to date. Bizzare.

doing the splits. Ouch!
Betsey Johnson

Flannel cut out fox shawls at Thom Browne
Thom Browne

I thought I'd never say this, but what was this Marc Jacobs? Usually I can spot dozens of items in his collection that prove to be big hits, but this collection left me slightly confused. Pilgrim shoes, huge witchy hats, babuschka doll silhouettes over unflattering cropped pants. I mean they might suit the fairytale theme, but if they look unflattering on the models, mere mortals in the real world will stay well away from this. Or was he hiding the proper garments underneath for a secret after runway show for buyers only? There certainly was enough room...
Then there was crazy Betsey Johnson doing the splits at the end of her show. Wow, I hope I'll be able to do this at her age. Bonkers but funny!
And then there was Thom Browne with his Lady Gaga-esque collection. Yes, it was very strange. But those cut out flannel fox shawls with dangling legs made me smile!


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Even if everybody says that Marc Jacobs was the best show precisely for his capacity of surprising the audience with fairy tale designs, it was not my (fashion) cup of tea. The designs have a high visual impact, but I couldn't stop thinking that the shoes look like ugly cousins of Roger Vivier...

My Styleadvisor said...

@ NJAPD: Haha, I thought the same about the shoes.

Fashionistable said...

Yes I see what you mean about Marc??? I like the Betsey J jumper though. I wish I could do the splits now never mind at her age. Xxxx

NauticalWheeler said...

Betsey Johnson has been doing splits/cartwheels at the end of her shows for years. I think it proves she's just as quirky and fun-filled as her collections.

From Brooklyn with love,


The White List said...

Absolutely brilliant!!!! Great post & nice blog! Have a great week.


little moon lover said...

love betsey johnson with her splits and crazyness.. and I agree on the Marc Jacobs thing..weird collection..I didn't get the inspiration behind it