How to do Neon the subtle way


If you're not keen on doing full on and in-your-face fluoro à la Christopher Kane, but would like a nod to the trend, then why not wear it the subtle way. A touch of Neon in contrast coloured drawstrings, edges and fabric trims will keep you updated but not make you look like a fashion victim.

Markus Lupfer at Asos
American Apparel at ASOS


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Subtle pops of neon are a great suggestion and I was really surprised by the beauty of the last ASOS look book. I've never bought anything by this brand and maybe it's time...Thank you for the comment/suggestion, I'll make sure to pass the message and brand to my adorable husband...

Victoria said...

I think ASOS is doing great things, I love mixing greys and blacks with a pop of neon but this even subtle way looks beatiful I really like it :)

Lidiya said...

Fabulous suggestions on how to do a trend and still be refined, I adore the nail polish <3

The PvdH Journal said...

I love the neon piping! What a wonderful idea!!! mmmm you just got my head turning actually!

As for the nailpoilish, love it too but I tried it just last week and I am waaaay too pale right now to pull it off!

Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I adore a bright spot of neon on my nails. Warmly hope you are well, my lovely;-) xx

The white cabbage said...

subtle touch of neon is a great inspiration !


JustPatience said...

Love the ASOS pants. So sporty like which is so trendy for Spring 2012.