Favourite Magazine Cover Part 2

This one is another firm favourite of mine. The Vogue February cover from 1990 came straight after this one I talked about last year, featuring a young Christy Turlington (remember her? she was the brainy one amongst the supermodel squad) with a pixie haircut, shot by Arthur Elgort. I loved these arty covers with not so much print plastered all over them.

Other great covers from the late 80s featured another great supermodel of the era, namely German Tatjana Patitz. My brother used to cut her out of the magazines I had lent him and then returned the skeleton issues. I guess he was "secretly" in love with her.
This was her on the March Vogue cover in 1989 shot by Sante d'Orazio:

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The PvdH Journal said...

Kind of incredible to see how much magazines have changed since Anna Wintour began putting celebrities on the cover no? I think I prefer the good old days, but can appreciate how nowadays they are more commercial (and hence more sellable to the general public)