"The Client"

It's stinking freezing outside, and it's official: It's colder here than at the Northpole! At least that's what the news said last night. I am having serious thoughts on escaping somewhere hot! 

In the meantime I'd like to keep you entertained with "The Client" by my favourite fashion documentary producer Loic Prigent for W Magazine. It features Carine Roitfeld, former Editor in Chief of Vogue Paris, at the Haute Couture Shows. But this time she is "The Client". Charming, stylish, oh, and charming again. See for yourself. "Zis Iz Ze Luxe!"

And I love these quotes:

At Armani: "The champagne's flowing and it's only 10am. I wonder who drinks champagne at 10am?"

At Chanel: "Your models are a bit fat, Karl!"

At Jean Paul Gaultier: "It waz comme ca?"

At Alaia: "I'm an Alaia Barbie!"

In a bit.


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

By suggesting this video you made my lunch break very fashionable! And you made me remember that I have couture feet as well...

The PvdH Journal said...

Oh I hadn't seen this! And I don't think I'd ever heard her speak english either... will check out the whole video once I'm home tonight.

Brilliant thanks!