Best of British

Did I say I wasn't celebrity obsessed? Oops. Oh well, I guess I am not that impressed by some movie star clones and artificial manufactured singing sensations, but I am definitely music obsessed. So this weeks appearance of Blur at the Brit Awards (even though Damon's voice was quite crappy) got me excited and brought back some great memories of how we used to party away to some of their great brit pop tunes in the 90s. Yes, they are ageing and making cheese (that's what ageing musicians like to do, or want to grow wine like mine. Merlot, please!) but they can still rock a great party! And they are rocking it in Hyde Park this August at the Olympics closing ceremony with New Order and The Specials (ace!) There's still enough time to get that voice back on track, Damon. 

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The PvdH Journal said...

I saw this... and I actually won't be around London during the Olympics (call me crazy)!