The Revival of the Hi Top Sneaker

Not long ago I asked myself, what ever happened to sneakers? I had the impression that in the Blogosphere everyone was neglecting them (apart from classic Converse) and seemed to freak out at the mere sight of heels (freak out factor hightens if sole is red) the uglier and higher, the better. Look, heels! OMG -> screech -> faint! Then I thought, oh well, it's just a bunch of overexcited kids that think they are expected to do so. As a former plimsoll addict I thought, where has the cool and laid back plimsoll chic gone to? I read things like, „I don’t do sneaker“. Hell, why not, I thought, you might even look cooler, than in your heels, that make you look like cheap pray. Ok, so let’s take a closer look. Hi-tops obviously are the rage du jour! Converse fall in this category and who doesn’t like them. But the craze started last year with Isabel Marants' Beckett and its recent follow up for spring, the Willow. So with the Beckett and Willow everybody's freaking out because it's obviously leg lengthening due to the hidden wedge. Clever, ey? Imagine the sneaker without this exquisite feature, would it still be this popular with its air bag tongue? I think probably not. But there you have it, they are cute heels in disguise. Then there are what I call the mock sneaker, like Leather Crown, Golden Goose and the sneakers from the Blonde Salad girl, that come with heaps of studs. But would you really want to spend up to 300 Euro for these kind of sneakers? Then there are the multicoloured street savvy Nikes like the Dunk (you can even create your own colours on the Nike site) or the oldschool Nike Blazer that is quite popular right now. Don't let me even get started on adidas (I used to collect Adria, Berlin, Monte Carlo, Nizza...) This time, I think I might be going for New Balance -  with a touch of Neon. 

What about you? Which sneaker girl are you?


The PvdH Journal said...

You should check out my blog today... I actually bought the willows this week! I am generally in flats and wear converse and have a pair of colourful Nikes, but since I am quite short (165), high tops unfortunatelu make my legs even shorter despite loving them! My mere chance I tried on the ones by Isabel Marant and they really are amazing. I am not a huge fan of jumping into fashion bandwagons but these are really perfect for 'life outside the blog'

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Well, this is weird...and I added your and Paola's link to my post! I only recently started liking sneakers (I think I bought my first pair of Tigers in 2006...) and now during week-ends I rarely leave my flat without them! My current love is the Veja (www.veja.fr), but I was musing on the Isabel Marant sneakers this very morning...


cute blog! I’ll follow you!
I have a fashion blog too, I hope u'll be one of my followers on Bloglovin:-)

Heather Fonseca said...

Oh dear, I'm afraid I'm not a sneaker girl at all. They are very popular here in L.A. though, at least on the street.