Bin these 2011 Trends in 2012!

After overindulging and watching too many reruns of James Bond and some Ab Fab during the holidays - let's talk about New Year's resolutions!!! No, just kidding, cause ultimately they are only made to be broken a nanosecond later. Spend your money on those ultra cool running shoes and a Stella running spandex outfit (to ring in the Olympic year and get that extra flab off) only to throw the stuff in the most deserted corner of your cupboard 2 weeks later, right? So, New Year's resolutions aside, it's time to put those trackie bottoms and sweaters (I mean the ones you were lying about in) away (no, wait, don't bag the trackies, I feel a revival coming along). It's a new year and it's time to make some sartorial choices. I'll start with last year's trends that I am not keen on seeing in 2012. Your choices might be different, but here are mine:

I know a lot of you like them but I don't: The Platform Creeper/Brogues hybrid with the colourful sole. Remind me of Clowns shoes, and Clowns are not funny. Choose between Brogues, Creepers or Espadrilles.

Mulberry Alexa: Cannot understand the fascination with this bag. It certainly isn't special when everyone's carrying it (quite a few tacky versions about, too). I think even Alexa is embarrassed by its popularity (although if she gets a fair share out of it, her bank account must make her smile). Time to put this one -  into the dustbag! Better dig out Mulberrys other girls like Phoebe, Jaquetta, even Roxanne!

Hermès Birkin Bags on 20 year olds: Makes me cringe whenever I see this (not the bag but the combination). Who are you fooling, it's probably most certainly Mums and it's a bag that doesn't suit this age. Go out and experiment, get some vintagy stuff and gradually up the bag ladder, live the life, and when you've ripened like a good wine and lived a bit, maybe then you deserve to carry this one.

Colour blocking: No really, we've had enough!

The ubiquitous "Henry Holland" hairstyle (you know that quiff) on men that comes with tight skinny jeans, vintage style half laced boots and long asymmetric flowing cardigans over low cut V-neck Tees. Oh, I forgot the cotton tote bag over the shoulder!

Oversized crop tops that are longer in the back and show the midriff.

Moonwashed jeans. Remind me of East German garb ca. 1989. 

Burberry scarfs in my hometown Düsseldorf (or pick any other rich city in Germany where this seems to be an epidemic): When temperatures drop, please wear something different than the Burberry camel check scarf around your neck. I get tired of counting them in the streets. I know you want to be recognized by the "right" tribe with this "status symbol", but your fellows drive to nearby Roermond Outlet where they bulk buy them half price along with those Ralph Lauren Polos. Please stop this Burberry abuse! Come on, be a rebel, Burberry also does other nice colours and stuff, you know?!

Did I forget something? Let me know!


Fashion, Art and other fancies said...

I don't own any of the above;-)
That scarf is very popular in Germany - I agree. Enjoyed reading this. Have a good start to the week.

fashion and frank said...

Have to say i am with F A and Other Fancies - have none of the above unless you count the 15 year old burberry scarf that i dont wear but i am now going to try ebaying to Germany!! x


Meggy said...

Love your blog! I agree with everything that you said although do sometimes borrow my mum's birkin - it's too beautiful not to!



rebecca said...

haha. i love this HONEST advice. spot on.

Fashionistable said...

Your post made me giggle. I don't own any of the above either. Xxxx

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

You made me smile with this post! This is so true...although on colour blocking I am sometimes tempted by some weird shades mix (my opinionated husband thinks that fashion people created the concept of colour blocking to justify horrible colour combinations...) On the Alexa bag, I'm not a fan either (actually I don't get the allure of the girl full stop), but I think the success comes from the fact that it reminds of a young version of a Birkin. Because, as you say, people should dress for their age and the Birking is my dream present for when I'll turn 40...still some years to go...

Imo said...

I like the style of the alexa and satchel style bags overall. I do agree, Henry Holland hair styles have to go!