Dear Coldplay,

Paraaaa...Paraaa...Paradise..oooooh...! Finally, your new record is out! At first, I feared you might bring along all your friends, but thank God it's only Rihanna. I first listenend to Paradise, and thought what the F..., wasn't too keen on it (seemed a little flat, ok, so I am hard to please, and I like records I need to work myself through, to appreciate them even more in the end), so I gave it another good listen, and I actually like it, I like a good tune! In fact, I can't get it out of my head now, thank you (replacing Noel Gallaghers "If I had a gun")!!! It is going to be a mad stadium hymn, and yes, I do think you are rivaling U2 on that. In Charlie Brown you even sound a bit like Bono and Gaslight Anthem (who sound like The Boss), but I love it! We will be ok with that, and, as long as you leave Bono his tinted shades and him to do the preaching, I think I'll give Arcade Fire a little break and listen to this one for the moment!  Mylo Xyloto (what?) is out now. I highly recommend!


Colour and Style Autumn Moodboard

velvet, cape and knickerbockers blue/black
leather jumpsuit with cape and houndstooth lining

looks like chloe but its H&M
shape and colour

wide 70s style pants and belted tunic
super wide leather pants and jumper


the midi

body control

that collar
Mr. Missoni

sequin blazer

dotty tights

that coat
acne jumpsuit under burgundy blazer/long socks

wide chanel pants stuffed in boots

baggy denim

burgundy/ parisian


Louis Vuitton and that dog

Cord culottes/with socks

Aggy in Dr. Martens Loafer

Mulberry brown duffel

Enjoy some cuttings from Editorials and Ads that have inspired me recently, whilst flipping through magazines. Consider it an autumn Moodboard and be inspired as well...

source: Vogue UK, ELLE UK, ELLE Germany, Vogue Germany, Maxi, Fräulein Magazine


Hot Or Not? Hiking Boots


1. F-Troupe at ASOS  2. Office  3. ASOS  4. Office

Long laces and very many hooks and eyelets! Ladies and Gentlemen: Hiking Boots! This time, they are taken out of their natural habitat and are transferred into the city. I can't help myself, they make me think of Jack Wolfskin (the boring uniform of our time unfortunately), Rucksacks (they are making a return, too, but there are some nice ones), and much worse - Angela Merkel (German chancellor) holidaying in the Ukkermark. I had some, lightyears ago, I liked them then, but would I do the trend again? Oh well, that said, I think the Chloé and the F-Troupes are quite cute...

What do you think? Leave them on the mountain or bring them to the city?


Corduroy Pants at H&M

19,95 Euro
29,95 Euro

I rarely buy stuff at H&M because most of the time I am quite dissapointed of the quality (itchy and scratchy jumpers, cheap fabrics, ill cuts, stuffed racks), if I do buy something it's mostly basics (loved the t-shirts from their conscious collection this summer, especially the ones with the short frilly sleeves). Now, recently I browsed through their Divided section (the stuff for teens), where I found a nice looking pair of navy corduroy pants. I really got excited, so I tried them on and BINGO, they fitted like a glove. Bought them online in burgundy, as well. Go get yourself a pair, they are warm, have a comfortably snug fit, don't hang low, and look really great on. They sell out fast, but usually H&M restocks their webshop quite fast. I am wearing them sort of Kooples style, with brown chelsea boots, tucked in blouse with a knitted vest (in Germany we call it Pullunder), and a black sheepskin jacket. Fantastic!!! 


Bonjour Autumne!

This doesn't look like autumn? It is, but with sun and a view to kill.

This looks more like it.

Beach facing St. Raphael

Chateau de Vaucouleurs in Puget sur Argens

Bonjour! I hear, where has she been for such a long time?! Excuse I, I've been lounging about at the Côte d’Azur for a while, hiding away in a little charming villa near St. Raphael, up on a mountain, with views to the sea and the massifs des Maures and l'Esterel either side. It was so beautiful, I swear, I could gawp at the view the entire day (if one lives in a big flat city, a nice view is definitely appreciated!) actually without moving to much, just from the bottom pool terrace and up again to drink chilled rosé. It was good to have some real summer, after we had been cheated on ours this year. So out came the Espadrilles, Fedora, shorts and stuff I didn't have the chance to wear much the last months. The food and wine were truly brilliant, we indulged in local Cotes de Provence wine, that we sourced from "Chateau de this" and "Domaine de that" close to us (plenty, mind you), and I have eaten more meat than I usually do in half a year, but the different cuts and quality you get in France are just fantastic. Not to mention their Pâtisserie Paradise: Millefeuilles, Trianons, Gateauxs. The strange thing was, with all the croissants, baguettes and meat and desserts, we didn't put on any weight, in fact - we lost some! Must be the french diet, non? Anyhow, it was good to take a break and get the energy levels up and running again! Now it's smack bang autumn, and I can wear my corduroys. Not bad either. Talk and catch up with you soon! Bisous, xxx