Wanted! The Junya Watanabe Shaggy Leopard Coat...

Junya Watanabe F/W RTW 2011

Vogue July 2011 UK Edition

....is one of the best faux fur leopard coats out there this coming season! I am lusting after it!  It's perfectly shaggy exaggerated and oversized design is really punky and it's styled perfectly in the July Vogue UK Edition by Charlotte Pilcher. It comes with a hefty price tag though. So, Junya, if you've got one to spare for me, please?!


10 Great Faux Fur Coats A/W 11

They are fun, retro, edgy, can be styled casually or chic, and only Polyesters are killed for these beauties. Wear them Rockabilly style or with your favourite jeans, cigarette pants and ankle boots. Keep it narrow on the lower half to avoid looking like Susie the Bear. You can even wear them preppy style if you dare: Think Gwyneth Paltrow as Margot Tenenbaum in The Royal Tenenbaums, where she wears a fur coat throughout the whole movie with striped Lacoste Polo Dresses and Loafers underneath! Oh yeah, don't forget that cool expression to go with it!

1. TOPSHOP Contrast Dalmatian Swing Coat £98.00 http://www.topshop.com
2. TOPSHOP Taupe Textured Coat £89.00  http://www.topshop.com
3. TOPSHOP Leopard Print Vintage £98.00 http://www.topshop.com
4. TOPSHOP Brown Double Breasted Coat £98.00 http://www.topshop.com
5. TOPSHOP Cream Textured Coat £89.00 http://www.topshop.com
6. TOPSHOP Premium Oversized Hooded Faux Fur Coat £225.00 http://www.topshop.com
7. Miss Selfridge Dark Faux Fur Vintage Coat £89.00 http://www.missselfridge.com
8. ASOS Leopard Hooded Coat €102.56 http://www.asos.com
9. ASOS Faux Fox Fur Coat €89.74 http://www.asos.com
10. Hinge® Faux Fur Oversize Chubby Coat $188.00  http://shop.nordstrom.com


The Art Of The Shabby Shoe

These ankle boots are really old, but some of my favourites. I bought them second hand on a market. They weren't shiny from the beginning, that, their fantastic design and the fact they fitted, is what made me bag them straight away and I've kept them looking like that. I have never put coloured shoe polish on them, just some water resistent stuff, and I am very fussy when its time for a new sole. The shoemaker gets very clear instructions not to wipe or polish them afterwards. It's an English thing I guess. The English people don't like their things looking new and shiny. Actually, the Scandinavians are pretty good at it, too! Shiny riding boots? Oh please! Have you seen Jamie Hince in shiny shoes, or Kate Moss? Rarely. He even stayed true to this on his and Mosis wedding day! Don't get me wrong, I also love my shiny patent brogues and all sorts of other shoes I wear and love with different outfits, but it's that worn, washed, matt leather sort of look that appeals to me greatly. It's authentic. They can be new, but they shouldn't look it. Scuffmarks welcome! Labels that do the look very well are Acne, Maison Martin Margiela and as the name already suggests - Shabbies Amsterdam (love their bags, too). Take a look:

1. Acne Pistol Short Boots EUR 400,00  http://www.mytheresa.com
2. Maison Martin Margiela EUR 665,00 http://www.maisonmartinmargiela.com
3. Shabbies Amsterdam http://www.bretoniere.nl


The Tote Bag Book

I came across "The Tote Bag Book" by Jitesh Patel, as our friend Stefan Tijs' tote bag design is in it. The plastic bags' eco friendly canvas replacement is not only for eco warriors but has also become a fashion statement over the years. The tote bag book features 160 pages of great tote bag designs by various designers and illustrators from all over the world and is accompanied by a cute tote bag, designed by Jitesh Patel himself. Love the layout and stories behind each design, which are very inspiring. So, for all you Tote Bag Hipsters in Berlin and around the world - dig this!

Btw, Jitesh you forgot these ;):


The Miu Miu 40s Style Floral Dresses A/W 2011

Miu Miu A/W RTW 2011

Kate Moss Vogue UK 2011

Elle UK August 2011
Miu Miu A/W Campaign 2011 with Haile Steinfeld shot by Bruce Weber

Miu Miu Dandelion embroidered crepe dress
Miu Miu embellished crepe dress
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Get inspired by Miuccia Prada's glamorous 40s style dresses at Miu Miu. There was an array of them on the A/W 2011 runway in Paris, printed with beautiful flowers, birds and sequins. The terracotta floral embellished crepe dress is proving to be the most popular choice in editorials, as seen on Kate Moss on the cover of the August UK Vogue Edition and in the August Elle UK. Take note on how to style them: To keep the look contemporary, team them with some exquisite socks in sequined glittering leather heels, sandal booties or some nude ones, if you want to keep it more subtle. Go all glamorous on top with matte red lipstick, a retro quiffed updo, a lovely round or square big metal clasp clutch and some tortoiseshell retro style sunglasses to top it all off!

Available at net-a-porter, but be really quick, they are selling out very fast!!!


I always knew that Miuccia would someday...

Prada in July UK Vogue 2011

...come up with a similar check pattern and style like on my vintage dress. That's why I always called it the "Prada Granny Dress". Although, actually, I wouldn't mind swapping my rag with the real deal ;)


Dress For Less: The Midi Dress

Vero Moda €35.90

ASOS €51.28

ASOS €44.87

Vero Moda €33.33

ASOS €64.10

ASOS €83.33

ASOS €44.87

ASOS NOW €32.05

ASOS NOW €32.05
Asos NOW €28.20

Get inspired by the 70s ladylike look and work the middle. If Minis are too revealing for you and Maxis too drama, you will be glad to hear the chic Midi Dress is back. It's a flattering and versatile piece in your wardrobe, and its knee length will hide those thighs you are not to proud of. It will easily take you from morning till evening, without revealing to much flesh. Wear it with a nice belt around your waist, a cute cardie and your trusted denim or leather jacket. Young girls can pull off the socks in loafers and clogs look, which is really cute. Come winter, team it with a great pair of seventies style boots, and throw a nice hip or waist length shearling leather jacket on top to keep yourself warm and make it look edgy. Bigger arms will benefit from versions with sleeves, and to avoid a bulging middle, if your dress is on the clingy side, make use of Spanx, that will get you streamlined where needed. I found the selection at Asos brilliant. It's great on a budget! Love the tartan version! Which one is your favourite? xxx

German Version:


Top 5 Great Hairstyles On Record Covers

First place goes to.... well, who would have thought that...tadaaaa....The Ramones!!!! Makes me laugh everytime I pull this one out!
2. Adam Green on his debut album sporting a brilliant mullet! Cute!
3. Blur, you're thinking? Well, most notably for Alex James' lopsided long floppy hairstyle that he still cultivates. He says it's inspired by "Auden". Hmmmm...
4. The B 52's for their crazy out of this world beehives and perms!
5. German band Die Toten Hosen....What the heck did they look like in 1985?!?! Look better now, although, wait a minute...some have hardly changed ;)
6. 6? I know I said 5, but I had to add Tomo01 from German band Oiro! Always one of the best hairdos around...and he doesn't do anything with it...hehe...


True Love: The Jeans Jacket

Another one of my true loves are my trusted jeans jackets (above). I love them, and I don't care if they are trendy or not at times, I wear them constantly in rotation.
I have lost count of how many I have collected over the years. Most of them vintage and only one Levis Dark Blue Denim new one. Some are in storage, but my favourites, I am still wearing. Lots of Wrangler, Levis and Lee. They've been through a hell of a lot of parties and gigs over the years and I bet if they could talk, they'd tell a story or two. The older they get the better they look. Where I got them from? Mostly from markets. I used to know someone who had a jeans stall at our local weekend fleamarket in town and I watched out for his stall, jeans and dog when he went for a break and stuff. In return he gave me heaps of absolutely fantastic jeans and denim jackets. "Just don't bring them back if they don't fit", he used to threaten me. Big E's, Blue Bells and heavy quality XX denim among these finds. I treasure them to this day. I have literally worn some to pieces. Which brings me to my biggest fear...holes that are gradually getting bigger...aaaaah!!! xxx


Everyone's Crazy About: The Isabel Marant Dicker Boot

What to do, when all you can think of is these Isabel Marant Dicker boots, that come in different shades and are made of the most wonderful soft suede leather, that look gorgeous with your summer dresses and with about everything else in your wardrobe.... but it seems that Kate Bosworth has snapped them all up and they are virtually sold out on planet earth?! Shriek! I know, you want the real deal, but if you just can't have it, because it's not available, here are some alternatives you might want to consider: 

1. Zign Ankle Boot 89,95 € http://www.zalando.de
2. Oasis €81.00 http://www.oasis-stores.com
3. Mango 59,95 € http://shop.mango.com
4. Steve Madden $159.95 http://www.stevemadden.com
5. Akira € 89,95 http://www.goertz.de


Gone Tanning

I saw this great sign hanging inside the door of a closed boutique in St. Tropez. I reckon the owner was having a super duper midday break!


Love It Or Loathe It? The Fur Gilet

Etro Fall RTW 2011
DVF RTW A/W 2011

Tory Burch RTW A/W 2011
Isabel Marant RTW A/W 2011


Soon, ladies, come autumn, it's time to let that animal out of its cage. Yes, it's time for the fur gilet, once again. Real fur, faux fur, shearling, you name it! There were quite a few to be seen on the A/W 2011 runways, like these shearling ones at Etro and Isabel Marant. We all know this is nothing new, but this winter, Diane von F├╝rstenberg and Tory Burch take this look to new lengths, with long, lean, fuzzy and below the knee versions, that make for a glamorous change. I bet the high street will be following suit asap, with Topshop and Zara at the forefront.

What is your relationship with the fur gilet? Do you think it is a versatile piece for layering, that keeps you cosy, warm and stylish at the same time, or is it too folksy and Pagan for your taste?