Shades Of Grey

View from the Düsseldorf Hyatt Champagne bar (the bar is inside this stainless steel egg) to the Rhine Tower. Still waiting for the sun....Have a nice weekend!


Animal Print Pony Skin Shoes

ALFIE Scalloped Lace Up Boots  £52.00 http://www.topshop.com

1. Charlotte Olympia €685.00 at http://www.mytheresa.com
2. Isabel Marant 460,00 € at http://www.mytheresa.com
3. TOPSHOP £36.00 http://www.topshop.com
4. TOPSHOP £36.00 http://www.topshop.com
5. Steve Madden $119.95  http://www.stevemadden.com
6. Kurt Geiger Momentum at http://www.kurtgeiger.com
7. Sam Edelman 227,00 € at http://www.urbanoutfitters.de
8. Underground  129,00  http://www.urbanoutfitters.de

Animal print shoes have been popping up all over the place this spring/summer and the trend will continue in F/W 2011. You can choose from Leopard, Zebra, Tiger and Dalmation on all kinds of shoes. How to wear them? Don't overdo it! Build your outfit from the shoes upwards, keep the rest pretty minimal and toned down, and let the shoes do the talking. They are statement enough! Pair them with some skinny leather pants or leggings like in the Kurt Geiger add (perfect styling!), or your favourite pair of ankle gazers to look edgy. If you want to wear a furry coat with them, keep that minimal, too. After all, you don't want to look like a leopard, do you?


Meet Unazukin


Unazukin is a cute little doll my japanese friend from Tokio gave to me. She will just sit there silently, and nod or shake her little head if you ask her something. Take her to work, let her be the decision maker for a day (Sorry, can't do that right now, Unazukin said NO!) - you will be the weirdo, but suddenly everybody will want to have a go ;) 



Stylish Bands On Record Covers

I raided our huge record collection this weekend looking for some great stylish bands on album covers, front cover it had to be. So this is what I pulled out of the shelf: 
The Beat were a late 70s band from LA. Not only was and is their music timeless, I think they look it, too. Remind me very much of The Strokes! Punk Rock legends the Ramones (1976) - well, hey, speak for themselves, in their iconic and timeless attire. A black leather jacket that runs on the small side (we all like those, don't we) over a fitted tshirt (don't copy the bare midriff guys), torn and ripped skinny jeans, chucks or keds like sneaker, topped of with shaggy bowl hair cuts, were their trademark uniform look, emulated to this day by people all over the world. The Clashs' uniform at the time were urban paint splattered, graffitied clothes with slogans and short spiky hair, before they went onto bondage trousers with zippers and then their Rockabilly look. Their debut album front cover was shot by Kate Simon, opposite the front door of their rehearsal building in Camden Market. Iggy (1977) in his shoulder padded shrunken blazer and skinnies looks pretty timeless and Blondie (1978) always looked beautiful. I can't say how much fun we have had with The Briefs (Steal Yer Heart, 2005) from the US over the years. They sing in a british cockney like accent and have picked punk elements from all kinds of bands and mixed them up: Buzzcock Blazers with ties, skinny jeans and converse, spiky hair topped off with futurictic bent shades and erratic movements. Important: Lots of badges hanging from everything and some pink thrown in somewhere. Got to love The Hives (Veni Vidi Vicious from 2000) for wearing only black and white matching retro tuxedo style suits, with suspenders and white slipper. They look like a boyband or the perfect son in laws, but their music, thankfully, could not be more contrary. The White Stripes' album covers are all stylish, held mostly in black, white and red, but I picked this one from their Icky Thump record (2007), because I love the crazy, over the top, folky embroidered outfits. Love that cover of The Jam (look at Paul Wellers suit and shoes!!!) strolling down Carnaby Street in 1978, all looking good in their typical mod style outfits, while The Undertones (1979) from  Northern Ireland exemplify genuine working-class style in their Doc Martens and parka, that were standard streetwear at the time. The Beastie Boys on the cover of "No Street Till Brooklyn!"(1987) wear typical early New York, East Coast Hip Hop garb, minus the Bling, with hoodies, baggy jeans, white socks in adidas campus and Baseball caps worn to the side.


Isabel Marant Hi-Top Wedge Sneakers

BEKETT SUEDE HI-TOP WEDGE SNEAKERS  €435.00 at www.mytheresa.com

How do you like these black suede leather high-top Isabel Marant sneakers from the FW 2011 collection? They have a round cap, leather upper and in-sole, and a triple Velcro® strap fastening on the front. But the clue is, their hidden 5 cm wedge on the inside of the shoe! Sneakers that will elongate you without a visible heel! Cool! Available in Noir or Bordeaux Noir at http://www.mytheresa.com! But hurry, they're almost sold out already, so put yourself on the waiting list.... 



Top 5 Chic Beach Cover Ups

www.odabash.com £195.00

www.odabash.com £252.00
www.dvf.com €273.00
www.frenchconnection.com €34.00
Vix Swimwear at www.shopbop.com €97.66

Got your bikini and swimsuit? Check! Beach bag? Check! Straw Hat? Check! Now, what's missing is a gorgeous beach cover-up to throw over your bathing costume when it's time to make your way through the sand, to refill that Pina Colada and get social at the beach bar. The material should be thin enough to keep you airy, and cover up the parts you don't want to put on view too much. White cotton with some lovely intricate embroidery always looks lovely and classic on a tanned body like the Melissa Odabash cover ups, while the Diane von Fürstenberg patterned one will keep you cool in its luxurious, beautiful woven silk. There is something for every price range, and with the sales going on right now, you might be able to bag yourself a proper bargain, before you head off to the beach.


Sit! Good Dog! Stay! Bad Dog! Down! Roll Over...

Gorilla Mni Cushion
Dachshund Mini Cushion

Fawn Large Cushion

Ostrich Pico

Kitten Pico

Penguin Pico

Poodle Mini Cushion

Terrier Pico
Pico Zebra
Pico Piglet

I love these Animal Pillows from Areaware made from organic cotton and inspired by Victorian shaped pillows. The graphics are based on the first mass produced images from 19th century illustrations. So, if you like a stylish pet to cuddle and pat once in a while that makes no work whatsoever and sits still on your couch, then this is for you! Available at http://areaware.com/ and at www.yoox.com


Save The Best For Last: Azzedine Alaïa Haute Couture

It's modern, it's timeless, it's great craftsmanship, it's wearable Haute Couture! And above all, by a man with an admirable attitude! Applause!


OK, So You Want These: The Prada Platform Brogue

A hybrid between a Brogue, Espadrille and Creeper, and the cult shoe of this spring summer season.  Even my Mum wants them.....Available soon again here: www.prada.com

Brothel Creepers For The Ladies

MASAI Orange Suede Tassel Brothel Creepers £34.00
MASAI Black Suede Tassel Brothel Creepers £34.00

I don't know about you, I have seen brothel creeper revitalizations on and off, most notably  Prada's great version this season, and I always found them interesting on other people, but for me - too clumpy.  That is until I saw this cute take on the creeper version at Topshop. The suede tassel brothel creepers. Available in black or orange suede, they are sort of a mix between a tassel loafer and creeper, but they still have the brothel creeper elements like the suede and the thick crepe sole. I can imagine wearing them with skinny jeans or pleated cigarette pants and skirts. I think in this form they are a quite versatile and exciting shoe to go with the rest of your wardrobe without being too retro and they will easily see you into autumn.


Favourite Magazine Cover


UK Vogue March 1990
"White Magic"
Model: Helena Christensen
Photographed by Peter Lindbergh

This is one of my favourite magazine covers of all time. The March UK Vogue Edition from 1990! A young Helena Christensen at the brink of supermodel stardom shot by Peter Lindbergh on a secluded beach with a beautiful horse all in white. I think it is timeless, and one of the most beautiful and iconic covers ever! And the editorial "White Magic" on the inside is breathtaking, too. I used to have a copy of this, because when I was a very young girl, my aunt in England kept all her copies for me to take home on my summer holidays. Unfortunately, I chucked it away one day, but have not forgotten it! Please Vogue, make covers like these again!!!

Have you got a favourite magazine cover? Tell me about it!