Hot or Not? Graphic-Knit Sweaters

Jil Sander

We have seen them at Jil Sander, Céline and Chloé for a/w 2011 and even the high street is doing their own takes on graphic sweaters. What do you think? Have you seen them about? Are they spicing up your wardrobe, or are you passing this trend?



Fashionistable said...

Not so sure about these. Like the Jill Sander one, but the rest look a bit naff 80s. Xxxx

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

I think I'll pass it as I'm more for other kind of printed jumpers than the ones with graphic patterns. But to be honest I prefer the COS versions to the Celine's...

marika said...

I don't like any of these unfortunately!

fashion and frank said...

It is a trend that i actually like when done well but therein lies the rub it is not an easy one - if i had to pick it would be the Jil Sander for me. On another note thank you so much for your great comment - i was most flattered x