Today At The American Apparel Cologne Warehouse Sale...

Actually I'd call it a warehouse road show sale. After stops in London, Amsterdam and Berlin, now it's Cologne's turn. I must say, I was never that crazy about the leotard aerobic clad look that was happening a few years ago, but occasionally I do buy stuff at AA, mostly sweatshirts and hoodies. Their leggings are quite good, too. As Cologne is really close to Düsseldorf, I thought I'd pay it a visit. AA hired one of Colognes' biggest venues for this "event". Normally you'd go to the Palladium to see bands like The Strokes and Bloc Party perform, but today it was a clothes gig. Via Facebook AA anoounced this: 

"We'll have tens of thousands of American Apparel garments at up to 75% off. Our previous events this year have been attended by thousands of people who bring home bags and bags of great pieces at great prices. Inventory will be constantly replenished all day, every day, throughout the sale but get there early! RSVP to this event page to receive updates, tips, and be the first to know when new styles arrive!"
Up to 75% off, well this was sometimes the case, but only for the most unattractive apparel, and a lot of the garments were actually quite faulty or in colours I would never consider. I had a California fleece track hoodie in mind, but only pink and lilac and lots of faulty ones were left.
People walking away with bags and bags of pieces, crowds, cews? Where were they? Did I miss them? There were some people about, but most of them actually made up an unbelievably huge crowd of staff and security wandering around. Makes me wonder if this event is actually paying off for AA.
That said, I did find a quite nice sweater reduced from 50 to 27 Euros, so I made my way into the catacombs to pay for it. When I got downstairs, about 20 heads plus security turned towards me, standing behind 10 extra set up cash desks. None of them had anything to do. It felt like they had been waiting for me. I could only pay cash, and it took 4 attempts until they had found the proper barcode, with a "minder" instructing and watching the staff. All in all a very strange experience, I must say. Somehow, I am under the impression that it's going downhill for AA. Fashion has moved on, and it seems AA hasn't realized that yet. Looks to me like this road show sale is a huge sell off!


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

Clothe gig...love it! I was always intrigued by AA, especially by their marketing approach and ad images, but never bought anything because I find it quite overpriced. Hope you had a great time!

Fashionistable said...

Intersting, was no-one believing the hype. How did you feel when you walked away? Happy that you weren't fighting to get to the clothing or cheated? I am enjoying Amsterdam but missing the throng of London. Where I usually find a person an hour in London to photograph. It is a lot more here. I need more people around me. Xxxx