The Knitted Turban

ASOS £12.00
ASOS 15,65 €
VERDEL £202.21
ASOS 19,57 €

Anat Fritz 159,00 €
Anat Fritz 159,00 €

With temperatures gradually decreasing, I've been thinking of what to wear on my head this winter, because I am not a person who can go out in below zero temps without a protected head. I major freeze!  A little bored of normal knitted hats and beanies, I like the wool and felt fedoras, but they don't really keep my ears warm. I am quite liking the turban trend though, it is a subtle but fashionable alternative, and I spotted some fabulous knitted ones at Asos, Verdel and Anat Fritz. There are lots of varieties and colours and I think I might try one of them. The Asos Turbans are quite inexpensive so you could get them in different colours. The one from Verdel is made of 100% cashmere, and the Anat Fritz Turbans are handmade.


Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

To be honest I've never cosidered wearing a knitted turban as I'm more of a beanie girl and somehow they make me think of the 80s. But I really like your selection and my fav is the ASOS one in the second pic, so cute!

Fashionistable said...

Oh the top right ASOS one looks great. Xxxx