Hot Or Not? Hiking Boots


1. F-Troupe at ASOS  2. Office  3. ASOS  4. Office

Long laces and very many hooks and eyelets! Ladies and Gentlemen: Hiking Boots! This time, they are taken out of their natural habitat and are transferred into the city. I can't help myself, they make me think of Jack Wolfskin (the boring uniform of our time unfortunately), Rucksacks (they are making a return, too, but there are some nice ones), and much worse - Angela Merkel (German chancellor) holidaying in the Ukkermark. I had some, lightyears ago, I liked them then, but would I do the trend again? Oh well, that said, I think the Chloé and the F-Troupes are quite cute...

What do you think? Leave them on the mountain or bring them to the city?


the nyanzi report said...

great choices.

Not Just A Pretty Dress said...

For me an absolute 'not'. If I need a casual shoe, I'd rather go for a cool pair of trainers...Loved your Angela Merkel reference!

classiq said...

I must admit I really love the Chloé ones. Why not try something different for a change? They must be high-heeled though and they would look marvelous with skinny jeans and a cape. :)