Dear Coldplay,

Paraaaa...Paraaa...Paradise..oooooh...! Finally, your new record is out! At first, I feared you might bring along all your friends, but thank God it's only Rihanna. I first listenend to Paradise, and thought what the F..., wasn't too keen on it (seemed a little flat, ok, so I am hard to please, and I like records I need to work myself through, to appreciate them even more in the end), so I gave it another good listen, and I actually like it, I like a good tune! In fact, I can't get it out of my head now, thank you (replacing Noel Gallaghers "If I had a gun")!!! It is going to be a mad stadium hymn, and yes, I do think you are rivaling U2 on that. In Charlie Brown you even sound a bit like Bono and Gaslight Anthem (who sound like The Boss), but I love it! We will be ok with that, and, as long as you leave Bono his tinted shades and him to do the preaching, I think I'll give Arcade Fire a little break and listen to this one for the moment!  Mylo Xyloto (what?) is out now. I highly recommend!

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Fashionistable said...

Thank you for the recommendation. Xxxx