Men's Espadrilles




By now I think we are all aware of the spring summer trends going on. And it's obvious that Espadrilles are back big time. I wore them at the end of the 80s and customised them myself, and now I've bought them again. But I especially like these shoes on men. It gives them a bohemian arty sort of nonchalance that's effortless. It's a good alternative to flip flops, boat shoes and sandals (another tricky chapter). Just wear them with roled up trousers or casual shorts. The classic Espadrilles with rope inside will keep your feet lovely and cool in the summer heat, and if you prefer a little more comfort,  after all the classic ones are like walking barefoot, try the Tom's with their footbed. Perfect for the city! If you are wearing the classic ones made of rope and linen, make sure you don't get them wet!


Fashionistable said...

I think they are better than flip flops on men. Who seem to walk off the sides of them. Xxxx

It-Blogirls said...

I want!

the nyanzi report said...

love them especially in black.

PinkBow said...

they are big again aren't they. i always used to buy them when i was on holiday when i was little for just a couple of pounds.

I'm a girl said...

we can follow each other?